The Plan

A Renaissance in the Making

In Italian, Montebello means “beautiful hills.”

But for nearly a century 488 acres of these rugged hills have served as oil fields…never quite capturing the true meaning of the City’s name.

Now, after years of meticulous planning, a vision has emerged for a new collection of neighborhoods and public Open Spaces in the Montebello Hills – a plan that will turn the unimproved property into a beautiful residential hillside community and protected natural habitat.

The proposed new hillside community was a collective planning effort. Cook Hill Properties – master planner of the proposed community – collaborated with Montebello residents to create a balanced plan for new homes, parks, and trails with numerous public and environmental benefits.

Just 1,200 new homes are planned – a major reduction to the 4,000 homes envisioned in the City’s General Plan. Winding trails and parks will create public outdoor recreation opportunities for the enjoyment of generations to come. And about two-thirds of the land (314 acres) is reserved for permanent Open Space, including the approximately 260 acres of the Montebello Hills Habitat Reserve.

The benefits of the residential community are projected to reach throughout the City. As much as $7 million each year in property tax revenue will bring much-needed new funding for public safety, park improvements, street and sidewalk repairs, affordable housing and other public works projects.

Even more sources of revenue are built into the proposed plan. The property is currently home to a producing oil field that provides significant monetary contributions crucial to the City’s General Fund. The plan calls for modernizing the oil field – work that is already underway, potentially increasing its revenue contributions to the City.

Montebello residents are proud of their City, which has progressed over the last century from an agricultural and oil production community to a center of commerce. More than 20 years of careful planning have gone into ensuring that the “beautiful hills” of Montebello are not just a name – but a legacy of progress for generations to come.

It’s time for another renaissance.