Thank You!

On Wednesday, June 10 – a courageous Montebello City Council said ‘Yes’ to progress for their city and the people they represent.

The Montebello Hills Community was approved by your City Council on a 4 to 1 vote!

We want to express our deepest gratitude to Mayor Jack Hadjinian, Mayor Pro Tem Art Barajas, Councilmember Christina Cortez and Councilmember Vivian Romero for their thoughtful approval.

Most important, we want to thank you and the thousands of Montebello residents and business owners who have faithfully stood by the project and us these past eight years.

Your support inspired and motivated us to keep going. The approval won in the first few minutes of this June day is yours to savor.

Now, we set about the business of bringing to the city the progress it has long desired and deserves. We will be communicating with you in the coming days about immediate next steps and the path going forward.

Thank you all!

A new community, a better future.

We invite you to experience the Montebello Hills Community story in our project video.

*The proposed homes, landscaping and other improvements shown in the photos on this website, and the descriptions of the size and other features of the proposed homes, are only examples of possible residential uses, designs and features at Montebello Hills. Such new home details will be part of the proposed development plan for Montebello Hills to be submitted to the City of Montebello for review and approval. All such details are subject to change at any time. No terms of any future offering of homes for sale or lease at Montebello Hills currently exist, and no such terms will be advertised or offered until the California Bureau of Real Estate has issued a Public Report. These proposed new home details and other materials are provided for general information only. Nothing in this material is an advertisement, and nothing in this material offers, or solicits an offer, to buy or lease residential real estate.

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